We have obtained EASA TC for SMG-92 Aircraft

04.03.2024 14:42


After several years, PRAGA Avia thus completed an important stage in the preparation of serial production of these aircraft. The Finist turboprops first took off in 2000, but only in 2004 did they receive the Hungarian National Type Certificate and then the Russian Type Certificate. In the years 2017-2020, PRAGA Avia bought back all assets for these types of aircraft with the aim of introducing final assembly in Hradec Králové and intensively dealt with the transfer of TC to the EASA environment.

Finist turboprops are particularly popular in operations where excess engine power is required. They are mainly drop zones, but the original design intention was also the mass production of powerful amphibious versions, which is also where PRAGUE Avia's marketing is headed.

PRAGA Avia wants to make a number of structural changes to the type design of the aircraft, mainly related to the replacement of materials and a different way of manufacturing airframe components. PRAGA Avia assumes the use of modern Match Hole technologies wherever possible. Preservation of the original design models, necessary to preserve the already existing EASA TC, is one of the conditions of a successful project, with which PRAGA Avia aims to find a suitable partner for the realization of serial production, either in Europe or anywhere in the world. The new manufacturer will then have the option of selling both complete airplanes and licensed kits, which the owners will be able to complete independently. An airplane made in this way must clearly be the most affordable machine in the category with a Useful load of 2200 lb. (1000 Kg).

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