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About us

ORBIS AVIA - Czech aviation company (headquarter at Prague, subsidiary at the International Airport Hradec Kralove) with an ambition to become a leader in the area of production, design and maintenance of aircraft in the General Aviation (GA) category within the Central Europe.

The company was established in Prague in 1999 as a business partner providing a support for Walter turboprop engines installations into aeroplanes, particularly within the category GA; also providing the support of the existing Let L-410 series aircraft around the world.


FROM 2010 YEAR: The company ORBIS AVIA established together with Smolensk aviation plant (SMAZ – the current manufacturer of the SM-92T airplane production according to the IAC TC) a joint venture company CGC in 2010 year. As the first step of our project the CGC is supplying airframes for final assembly of the ORBIS AVIA SM-92TE Praga Alfa airplane in the Orbis Avia production facility in Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic.

All fundamental groundwork was achieved for initiation of a validation process of IAC TC of the SM-92T airplane with the EASA in 2011 under cooperation with partners TECHNOAVIA and SMAZ as signed agreement between three parties regarding to the procedure of EASA TC validation (2014) including ensuring of financing and requested infrastructure at the International Airport Hradec Králové (LKHK) facility.

  • The company is the holder of the EASA Approval for Maintenance (AMO) for a wide range of aeroplane types according to EASA Part 145 (CZ.145.0064).
  • The company is also the holder of the EASA Approval for Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAMO) according to EASA Part M/G (CZ.MG.0057).

In 2014 the company started production of a first  SM-92TE aircraft for validation proces uder EASA.

In 2014 the company reconstructed H74 hangar at the Hradec králové airport, where offers maintenance AMO / CAMO services and while it created conditions for the start of a first stage of assembly of the ORBIS AVIA SM-92TE Praga Alfa aircraft.

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