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In the early 90-s, when AN-2 type was still the most widely used aircraft in the former Soviet Union, the need to replace it with a more modern and rational aircraft matures. An optimal option was to exchange AN-2 type for two types simultaneously, the first twice as large (Czech L-410 type) and the other twice as smaller, simpler and cheaper. At that time, L-410 type had no real competition in the Soviet Union did not. In 1990 the Soviet Ministry of Civil Aviation launched a tender for a development of a smaller aircraft, which was supposed to replace the AN-2. The tender was won by piston-engine SM-92 "Finist" developed by NKF Technoavia design office. A maiden flight of the first prototype took place in 1993, in 2000 it was success fully flew a version with a turboprop engine was successfully test-flown, and in 2008 the turboprop model named as SM-92T was type certificated in Russia by the IAC civil aviation  authority, where it was situated at the time as the largest percentage of potential customers was located at that time. In 2012, after the previous preparations, for the project of modernization and production transfer of production  of SM-92T model to the Czech Republic was started.

New aircraft model (designed as SM-92TE) was type certified in accordance with the new issue of the AP-23 Regulation (FAR-23 equivalent) by the IAC AR Moscow in 2015 year. The airplane is equipped with modern Garmin 500 glass-cockpit system.

First representative of this new model is S/N 03-004. New SM-92TE model has commercial name „Praga Alfa“.

Application for European type certification will be send to the EASA agency in 2017 year.

How to Buy

Length: 32,72 ft
Height in ground: 10,33 ft
Height in flight: 13,72 ft
Wing span: 47,9 ft
Passenger seats number: 6
Maximum Take Of Weight: 6614 lb
Maximum landing weight: 6614 lb
Maximum useful load: 1984 lb*
Max. cruise speed KIAS: 162 kt
Stall speed KIAS: 54 kt
Rate of climb at sea level: 1860 ft/min
Rate of climb at 10 000 ft: 1530 ft/min
Climb time to H 4000m at MTOW: 12 min
Endurance: 7 hours
Powerplant: GE M601F (777 SHP)**

*(cargo pod 662 lb)

** or alternative GE H80 / P&WC PT-6. Not hot section inspection (GE M601 / H80 engines only). New three blade all metall dubleacting Aviapropeller (Tractor type) AV803 with 106 in/2,7m diameter (constant speed, de icing systém, feather, full reverseble).

  • Multi-purpose airplane with low operating and maintenance costs,
  • STOL performance,
  • High reliable turboprop powerplant,
  • Rugged landing gear,
  • Solid robust metal structure,
  • Highly resistant to the effect of all climate conditions,
  • Big side sliding cargo and paratroop door,
  • Endurance 7 hours,
  • Engine callendar limit – N/A.

Reliable low-cost aircraft

The PRAGA AVIA SM-92TE Praga Alfa is an multi-purpose single engine high wing all-metal turboprop aircraft with fixed landing gear according to EASA CS-23 and FAA FAR-23 rules. The aircraft with unpressured cabin can accomodate up to 7 persons (adults persons „large“ european type) including a minimum crew of one.

The aircraft is conceptually designed to satisfy the requirements for easy operation and maintenance service, including service in the difficult climatic conditions of the arctic circle or in the desert.

The airplane does not need to run on the approved areas (airports), can operate in any area without hindrance around with sufficient load capacity ground. The aircraft is so designed, that it does not need hangaring. Specially designed high quality aerodynamic wing profile P-301 M-15 allows aircraft to us a huge range of speed, sufficiently large control surfaces enable the operation of aircraft central part with huge range of values, which are reflected in a very positive evaluation of user-friendliess and above all safety. The aircraft is eqipped with large sliding side door, which enable considerably more efficient operation of the airplane. The type of avionic based on the priorities of the individual customers, company will offer a modern GARMIN device glass cocpit, optionaly also AVIDYNE or HONEYWELL.

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